About Me!

I am what my name implies, a little bit weird. I've had the nickname for many a long year now (interestingly enough, it was originally a misspelling of my name that started it, and I liked it so much it stuck) and a pressing desire to talk to Mrs. B. again after so many years about the topic we both shared a passion for: books.

I am the person that lingers in the shadowy corners of the library, reading standing up. I am the person in that dusty nook in the used bookstore pouring over the shelf that hasn't been touched since Elvis shook his pelvis (Possibly longer, based on the mummified bug I found there... but I digress). I'm one of those people that scour garage sales, library and county fair book sales, and flea markets looking for the hard-to-find, the out-of-print, or the just plain interesting. I am the person who is passing or is being passed good books by friends and family that know me well.

I am the Odd Angle.

And, I was feeling a little obtuse when I wrote this. So, we'll both just have to live until I feel like changing it....