Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've got no idea how it happened, but I finished that book...  It's been a about a month now since I did.

There were a lot of reasons I wasn't entirely ... pleased about this book, and yet for some unknown reason I did finish it. And quickly. It is a fast read and not a terrible beach book, and if you could get it second hand, it's something you're not going to feel too terrible about if it gets full of sand or washed out to sea.

So, if you're looking for a beach read and you don't have the under-18 set around the house, go for it. Just know, I don't exactly recommend it. The writing's pretty awful and I HATE the nature of the "romance." I kinda have to wonder if it was written by certain political figures in the news lately. Which, by the way, makes me think of this horrible article I read recently about ducks (Thank you, by the way Ms. W, if you're reading this). But, I digress and I don't want to make you lose your dinner.

Moving on.

Not a fan. But, if you do pick it up, it's a fast read that you won't mind losing at the beach. Or using for the signal fire if you get shipwrecked.

Until next time,


Monday, August 6, 2012

The Circle is Broken

Dear Mrs. B.,

I know I'm late on the news, but believe me when I say I am heart broken to hear about Maeve Binchy's passing on July 30th. I still remember Circle of Friends as being one of the first books we shared, you and I. We talked about it the way no adult had ever talked about books with me before: we talked about the characters and the story in a way I'd never done before, like it really meant something, as opposed to the dry-retelling book reports I'd become accustomed to. I have always been a book lover, but you and Maeve Binchy showed me that there were other book lovers out there and that critical thinking and opinion meant something -- my opinion and critical thoughts meant something-- whether or not I was a kid.

So, while I know she will never read this -- and I know you don't either, Mrs. B. -- thank you both for what became a lifetime of critical reading.

I think I need to go reread that book now....

And maybe cry a little.

Much Love,